Wholesale & Custom Made Program

Our company has been operating in the Home Textile sector for more than 25 years. Our company worked with major department stores, brands, retail and wholesale stores in the USA during this period. Since 2015, our company has continued to work on Online Sales Systems and Product Supply and continues to serve its customers. With two fulfillment centers located on the eastern (New Jersey) and western (Los Angeles) sides of the country, it provides drop-ship services to customers who sell products online.

At the same time, our company provides wholesale product supply and logistics services to its customers. With the Custom Made Program, our online product catalogs, which are prepared at certain times of the year (at least four times a year), are sent to all our customers registered in the system, and their pre-orders are received. Pre-orders are prepared with our customers' own brand and accessories. Products are loaded from our production facilities within 4 to 6 weeks following all accessory and product sample approvals.

Also, we serve our customers who want to receive Fulfillment service from our centers in the USA. We aim to supply the best products to our customers and support them in the sales process.


For Wholesale & Custom Made Program Inquiries, please contact us

Email: sales@classichomelinens.com