Merchandise Safety & CHL Practice

Throughout our more than 25-year history, CHL has been committed to the safety of our merchandise. We believe this is essential in the operation of a responsible business and a vital part of earning customer trust, establishing brand loyalty, and maintaining market share. An overview of CHL’ practices related to merchandise safety follows.

Our Suppliers

CHL merchandise is sourced from hundreds of vendors located throughout the world, including the United States. We work closely with our vendors to ensure that our merchandise complies with applicable State and Federal laws and regulatory requirements, including laws and regulations regarding merchandise labeling and safety. 

Merchandise Orders

CHL requires its vendors to supply quality merchandise that meets our Purchase Order terms and product specific testing requirements. If a vendor fails to comply with these terms and testing requirements, we have the right to cancel the order or require the vendor to take corrective action. 


CHL has for many years proactively engaged in merchandise safety. We communicate with our buyers, agents and vendors concerning regulatory testing, labeling and registration requirements. We work directly with third party laboratories in the ongoing development of testing protocols, which are designed to address both regulatory and safety concerns.



CHL has established relationships with a number of internationally recognized testing laboratories, such as Bureau Veritas and SGS. We routinely use third party testing to independently verify that merchandise meets or exceeds regulatory requirements. The use of independent labs compliments any testing performed or directed by a vendor. 


In addition to testing, on-site inspections of merchandise purchased from overseas vendors are conducted by our agents at production or consolidation facilities prior to our acceptance of the product. Inspection reports are sent to our quality assurance group to identify potential issues prior to shipment. Merchandise is often re-inspected upon receipt in our distribution centers to ensure that the merchandise distributed to our stores meets all required performance and quality standards.